Is there anyone who does not know Ana Rhodes and Processwork? this workshop of 6 days in Capalbio could be a good opportunity, exploring issues related to leadership and conflicts in groups! Organized in collaboration with the school counseling Laughing Trees. (Obviously with Genny Carraro and Melania Bigi ... the magic TRIO meets again!) for info and registration Margaretha Doderer 328 238 9528 Teachers: M. Doderer, R. Panzanelli, Ana Rhodes, Melania Bigi The intensive supervision ...
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Ehy you ... THIS CAMPING REALLY CARES Thus they decided to set a tiny festival all devoted to you Therefore wait for us, look for us , follow us nd get astonished ... Teatro nel Bicchiere is a brand new theatre and performance festival that takes place in the wildest heart of Tuscany, Italy. Famous for the quality of its wines, surrounded by vineyards, the inspirational medieval village of Scansano transforms ideally into a magical scenery for the sake ...
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FUNCTIONAL TRAINING A BODY FREE FOR ALL AGES ' Training will take place in the morning at the beach of camping by reservation . For info Stefano +39 3429623674
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But the top of the summer 2015 the Camping Capalbio, and the reason is...

The world, as well as between fat and thin, good and bad, right and left, is divided into tourists who love or hate camping. For some years, however, the "glamping" remedied and, if you can not tune to the good and bad, at least mitigates some friction torque. It is a new type of holiday you agree camping with the luxury, offering five-star tents between transparent ceilings under skies stellatissimi, furniture glam (fact), rooms overwhelmed by design, and lots of fresh air and ...
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Saturday 19:15 TO DRINK FROM EXPOSURE AREA WITH PRESENTATION NEW BOOK OF ORSENIGO ROSSELLA: THREE WINTERS. SUMMERS PAST FOUR FACE In the centenary year returns to the subject of the Great War. Three years after the release of "The Sin", Scarlett Orsenigo returns to the subject of the Great War with a new book entitled "Three winters. Four summers "(Publisher XY.IT). In the year of the centenary, the author gives us a glimpse of that tragedy, starting from the ...
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750th Anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri Dante's works between Spirit and Matter

We wait in the 'exhibition area .... 750th Anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri Dante's works between Spirit and Matter Lamberto Paris and Maurizio Marangon from 19/07 to 09/12/2015 PREFACE The exhibition "Dante's works between Spirit and Matter" shows the work of two outstanding representatives of contemporary artistic culture Tuscany: Lamberto Paris and Maurizio Marangon. The artistic ...
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ON THE WINGS OF CREATIVITY ' ' ' Small bazaar of colors and ideas ' ' EVERY THURSDAY ' At the campsite Capalbio in the square of the bar / supermarket / restaurant
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The Camping Di Capalbio present on F

The Camping Di Capalbio present on F between the seven proposals DOC , from Veneto to Tuscany , from Provence to the Canaries . A very interesting article that talks about Glamping : when true luxury is the holiday in a tent , in practice : open air life , without sacrificing comfort and a touch of charm .
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TIME : FROM 15:00 TO 18:00 July 3 : Explanation of how the wind originates . Realization of a story that has as its topic ' ' The Kite ' ' and designs using pencils and markers . Game: mime the story. July 4 :
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24 Aug 2019

What is Glamping?

What is Glamping? Making Glamping means living the campsite in a different way, staying in contact with nature but without doing without the comforts of a hotel. The Glamping is making luxury camping...

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04 Dec 2017


8 - 10 DECEMBER 2017 ON THE TRACKS OF PINK FLAMES   This year for the Immaculate Conception we offer you three days dedicated to the pink flamingo, and to the migratory people: ducks, lemons, h...

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30 Nov 2017

Glamping Box

Give the Glamping Box an unforgettable experience in our Lodge tents to rediscover Nature with all comfort hotels! Special package with Jacuzzi or romantic dinner, ideal for couples and families.Numer...

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18 Oct 2017

travel and tastes of Tuscany

Our Land, the Maremma Toscana, not only offers breathtaking landscapes and charming villages such as Capalbio. One of the conerstones of our regioni is the culinary art handed down for generations in ...

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10 Oct 2017

spa and culture

For lovers of history just a few minutes from the Campeggio di Capalbio you can visit a pearl of our area, the Vulci Nature and Archaeological Park. It is an ancient Etruscan town surrounded by a pict...

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