But the top of the summer 2015 the Camping Capalbio, and the reason is...

29 Jul 2015

The world, as well as between fat and thin, good and bad, right and left, is divided into tourists who love or hate camping. For some years, however, the "glamping" remedied and, if you can not tune to the good and bad, at least mitigates some friction torque. It is a new type of holiday you agree camping with the luxury, offering five-star tents between transparent ceilings under skies stellatissimi, furniture glam (fact), rooms overwhelmed by design, and lots of fresh air and breathtaking views (sea, mountains, countryside, deserts, etc). On there is already a wide selection to point straight to the top Italian, as well as on
This summer they are fashionable two or three, in particular one. But one step at a time. The Baia Holiday Group, born 40 years ago by the passion the Vezzola family had for outdoor tourism, is certainly one of the landmarks on the international scene as a luxury camping: in Italy, in particular, it has six between Sardinia, Venice, Trieste, and Lake Garda. In fact, here, the word "camp" is not associated with an adventurous vacation and without comforts, but, rather, a way to feel part of nature without sacrificing typical lifestyle of the humanization of the territory. We speak of "lodge tents" and "sun lodge" that is modern and luxurious accommodations furnished with kitchen and sunroom, bedroom and bathroom with shower. Raised from the ground with rigid internal walls and wooden flooring (while the exterior is typical of the tents), can reach 35 square meters and accommodate an entire family.
The camping Mill Fire, in Cecina, Tuscany, is not bad, especially for the "sky lodge tents", ie a two-storey tent with the upstairs room with a romantic transparent roof (terrace) to admire the constellations before falling asleep. The "chalet sea", then, the camping Grande Italy, near Chioggia, are perhaps the cutest ever seen, and colorful design, complete with a private beach with VIP corner, gazebos with double Latvian, relaxing music. The Sportin Club Village, Mazara del Vallo, in the heart of the western coast of Sicily, is no exception: completely immersed in a natural oasis protected by WWF, is located directly on a sea-boggling.
But the top of the summer 2015 the Camping Capalbio, and the reason is. Not only, in fact, everywhere you hear the roar of the sea, not only the beach is long and pristine, not only the "lodge tents" promise privacy, comfort and relaxation. The facilities, in fact, have a real taste gobal, since, although equipped with designer furniture western, tends Maghreb are capable of carrying tourists in an atmosphere worthy of the exotic and nostalgic holiday more dreamy. The location is also perfect for spending a few days mixing the pleasure of the recovery of a direct relationship with nature and the nightlife radical chic of summers out of town. In fact, the site is adjacent to one of the four seats more upper class area, the facility (and restaurant chefs) The Customs.
Not bad, then, commuting between the beach and the umbrellas beige safari-style there at your doorstep, with a lunch in costume confused with the international nobility incognito. "For five years - explains Nicola Alocci, responsible, kind, friendly, and with an international do - we have turned this location into an absolutely unique. Design of the furniture, the work of an artist photographer, to the kitchen, informal reception that guarantees absolute privacy for customers intercontinental art house, we offer an isolated experience of its kind. "
A worthy competitor in the near and very well known Last Beach, about 100 meters, where you can enjoy an aperitif in slippers among our local intelligentsia. The less energetic can also take the car and get to the more frugal Macchiatonda third and final settlement of the long-restaurant kilometers (twenty) of the coast. Very impressive strong ruined attached to the plant, especially at sunset. Finally, Locanda Rossa ( it is not the sea, but boasts a snack (restaurant and accommodation) to make your head spin at the more pretentious.
                                                                                                                       Eugenia Romanelli


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