750th Anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri Dante's works between Spirit and Matter

19 Jul 2015

We wait in the 'exhibition area ....
750th Anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri
Dante's works between Spirit and Matter
Lamberto Paris and Maurizio Marangon
from 19/07 to 09/12/2015
The exhibition "Dante's works between Spirit and Matter" shows the work of two outstanding representatives of contemporary artistic culture Tuscany: Lamberto Paris and Maurizio Marangon. The artistic production of Marangon is oriented mainly in works of sculpture, including the beautiful Veste in Carrara marble, and inlay work where the author results in marble and semi-precious stones pictorial language. On the occasion of this exhibition the author carves marble on the face of the father of Italian literature, focusing on the feeling and the expression of his subjects. His works in marble, for their fluidity, appear to be modeled, making the subjects true and real.
Lamberto Paris, multifaceted artist who in time was measured with the goldsmith's art, with painting and sculpture, exhibits works inspired by the Divine Comedy, where the spirit takes form in different clothes, playing with materials such as bronze, paper and marble, manages to involve the audience in the mood of the poet, in a completely original way. Bronzes in Paris form becomes dense accentuated, it proves wise to immediately grasp the nuances more sudden footsteps of the Divine Comedy. The sculptures of Paris show the artist's skill in balancing the contemporary language with a perfect balance classicist remaining constantly witness of his time.


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