21 Aug 2015

Ehy you ...


Thus they decided to set a tiny festival all devoted to you

Therefore wait for us, look for us , follow us nd get astonished ...

Teatro nel Bicchiere is a brand new theatre and performance festival that takes place in the wildest heart of Tuscany, Italy. Famous for the quality of its wines, surrounded by vineyards, the inspirational medieval village of Scansano transforms ideally into a magical scenery for the sake of Theatre, Wine and Ecstasy.
A group of established , as well as fresh, emerging artists literally occupy the village for three days, leaving their traces in squares, alleys and cellars; traces of an art that is at the same time thought-provoking and engaging for the senses not only on an aesthetic, but also on a visceral one.
The art-works are presented in-and outdoors and they cover a wide range of performance practices, from street theatre to live installations, dance/physical theatre, music, recitation and live art.
Unique in their artistic languages, all of these works have in common one goal: to be shared with the audiences as a strong, communal experience of great intensity. In the aim to become not only a critical mirror of history-and society-bound issues, but also a clear affirmation of life as we dream of it


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