30 Aug 2015

Is there anyone who does not know Ana Rhodes and Processwork?
this workshop of 6 days in Capalbio could be a good opportunity, exploring issues related to leadership and conflicts in groups!
Organized in collaboration with the school counseling Laughing Trees.
(Obviously with Genny Carraro and Melania Bigi ... the magic TRIO meets again!)
for info and registration Margaretha Doderer 328 238 9528
Teachers: M. Doderer, R. Panzanelli, Ana Rhodes, Melania Bigi
The intensive supervision will be dedicated to the singular and group practice, accompanied by looking for leadership that will work according to the Process Work with Ana Rhodes (Findhorn Foundation)
A working group derived from the Process Work that focuses on Deep Democracy, the revelation of Rango, conflicts and diversity: we will offer powerful tools for life in the community is more fluid and serene, through the connection to the power behind the Dreams deeper and vision that founded the group life.
This intensive is open to students of the school and those who want to get close to the school
We will address the following issues:
· Usually as I face stressful situations in helping relationship
· Intact as my experience with new knowledge how to create a setting that reflects me
· We will enter into the specifics of Process Work:
· Process Work's approach to leadership and the development of their leadership style.
· Leadership role and how the spirituality of the '' old '
the art of working with conflict: how to make a war shorter and less painful, and as the conflict itself can strengthen communities.


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